Framework for Developing COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols: New Sections Added

We have added two sections to the Framework (link to

  • Skills Development Programs
  • Events/Racing

You may use this framework to develop a return to play protocol that meets your organization’s needs and satisfies the public health directives that apply where you operate. Because some Divisions have created a framework specific to their province or territory, clubs should check with their Division before drafting a return to play protocol.

Questions: Megan Begley,

World Snow Day 2021

Are you thinking of running a World Snow Day Event this year? Here is all you need to know…

On the 1st October 2020, applications for World Snow Day Organiser Care Packages will open. Below is an information sheet on World Snow Day.

Of most importance however is that you must have a World Snow Day 2021 event registered to be eligible. To do this, please simply click the link below:


2021 World Snow Dy Organiser Care Package pre-information

Date: 1st October 2020

Time: 08:00am (CET)

Where can I find the application form?:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click “login” in the top right hand corner of the home page (see image below):page1image62341888page1image62343616page1image56066880

Step 3: Enter your username and password
Step 4: Click “Organiser Care Package”
Step 5: Download the application form, complete it and send it to

How do I obtain a username and password?

To access the “login” section you must have registered for World Snow Day 2021. Previous usernames and passwords are not valid. To register an event simply click the link below:

How many Care Packages can I apply for?:

As many as you like. We will determine if your amount is relative to your event size.page1image62323328page1image62323136page2image55977520

Distribution method:

There is a limited quantity of Organiser Care Packages. So everyone has an equal chance to obtain a Package distribution is done on a “first come, first serve” basis. As soon as all Organiser Care Packages are allocated, the application form will be taken offline.

What is inside the Care Package?

To see the contents click the link below:

Nordiq Canada Club Support Grant

Alongside the AltaGasSki at School Grant program announced last week we are also adding the Nordiq Canada Club Support Grant program for the upcoming season. This new initiative hopes to inject up to 100 00$ in support of:

  • increasing active membership and club growth, 
  • retention within SDPs and conversion to athlete development pathways,
  • professionalization and sustainability of coaching, 
  • as well as club sustainability. 

Application to these programs can be submitted to Nordiq Canada by division or club, leaving open a broad range of options and creativity and potential impact. These options should cater to the varying realities that exist from one division to the next. Ultimately we hope to foster enthusiasm, growth and quality throughout the ski community.
Please note that closing dates for applications to both programs is November 1st 2020.

Do not only free to call for clarifications and questions, but we encourage you to call us in exploring options and possibilities. Above all we are seeking to have an impact.

Questions: Ilona Gyapay,

Roller Ski Resources

Here is some interesting information put together from Cross Country BC. Great resources and ideas!

Roller skiing is an effective method of exercise for cross country skiers. As you know, you get good at what you practice, and roller skis are as close to regular skis as you can get.   Roller skis are not only an effective way to train during the off-season, but they are fun as well, and if you put in time on roller skis during spring, summer and autumn, you will have a big head start once the snow falls. In addition double poling on roller skis is a great way improve your upper body strength.

You will find the following articles and videos on the CCBC website.  This site will continue to be updated, so stay tuned!

Roller Ski Agility Contest (Caledonia Nordic): Video

Getting Started at Roller Skiing   

Introducing Young Athletes to Roller Skiing      

Risk management guidelines for roller skiing   

Field Kit & Repair Kit for Roller Ski Sessions 

Nordic Team Solutions Videos    

Roller Skiing – Equipment                  

Tier 2 Roller Ski Event Technical Package    

Delivering a roller ski practice session with T2T athletes              

Technical Package: Roller Ski Tier 2 Sanctioned Events   

Nordiq Canada Roller Ski Rental Agreement   

Ski-at-School Grants Now Available for Divisions!

Modifications have been made to the Alta-Gas Ski-at-School program. The will be delivered via divisions, and applications can be made directly by divisions to better support new as well as established Ski-at-School efforts within their division. 

Ski-at-School is a Nordiq Canada program, sponsored by AltaGas, which aims to bring cross-country skiing to schools and clubs across Canada in the hopes of converting them into long-term skiers. This program is intended to directly connect divisions to schools and clubs by assisting in furthering program development and expansion. For divisions to apply for a Ski-at-School grant, please fill out this application and send it to Ilona Gyapay by October 15, 2020.

Resources for instructional standardization of the Ski-at-School program by means of the NC Ski-at-School Guidebook, which will serve as a program resource with sample plans and expected learner outcomes can be found here.

Questions: Ilona Gyapay,

Toque Design Contest!

Its that time again…

All Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit skiers to participate in designing the 2021 Jackrabbit Toque, which will be worn by 10,500 Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit skiers across Canada!

Get your ideas ready! Ontario has been the winner the last couple of years. Let’s see if we can do it again!

Jackrabbit Toque Design Contest 2021

The criteria for entering in the contest are as follows: 

– Contestants must be currently enrolled in a Nordiq Canada Jackrabbit or Bunnyrabbit program

– Contestants must be between the ages of 5-9.

Selection process and timelines:

Designs should be submitted: by noon, MST on March 11, 2020.

– Nordiq Canada will select 10 final designs. The voting period will run from March 11 to March 18, 2020 until noon (MST) via Survey Monkey. Please remember that only Nordiq Canada members are eligible to vote!

– Announcement of the ‘winning’ toque design will be posted on Nordiq Canada’s Facebook page and website.

NEW on-snow games video tutorials!

In collaboration with XC Ski Nation, Nordiq Canada created a video library of 33 on-snow game tutorials to support the development of youth skiers!

The videos will serve as a great tool for Jackrabbit coaches and CC Learning Facilitators, across Canada!

The videos are on the XC Ski Nation Website, in French and in English, but unlike most of the other videos, these are completely open access.



This is a new an excellent resource for Jackrabbit Leaders. Check out this webinar to learn more about it.

The coordinators from clubs across the country are invited to join us for a forty-five minute online session where we will address the following three broad topics:

  • Delivering complete and progressive programs that will keep young skiers challenged and engaged while promoting and enhancing a culture of skiing;
  • Identify and examine the materials and strategies available to Program Coordinators to best effectuate their tasks;
  • Explore some approaches to managing SDP materials to promote a higher level of engagement and achievement of program goals.

 While specifically targeting Program Coordinators, this free and accessible session is by no means restricted. Club administrators and coaches are also invited to attend.


Coaching Courses 2019

Check for Coaching Courses in your area!

All coaching registration is available on The Locker. To register follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on”The Locker” on the right to get to the Login page.
  3. Log onto your Locker profile with your NCCP # and password.
  4. If you are a new coach and don’t already have a NCCP #, click on the “Don’t have an NCCP #? Create one now.!” on the Login page which comes up after clicking on “The Locker”. Follow the steps to create one. Your coaching number will be assigned to you right away. You will then see it in your Profile.
  5. Click on Calendar (top tab)
  6. Filter by Month and Province (e.g. Oct/ON)
  7. Filter by sport (CCC)
  8. The workshop you are looking for will appear on the right
  9. Register on the right hand side of the calendar
  10. ‘Register’ – Locker automatically registers your name and NCCP #
  11. Pay with credit card
  12. Modules will be credited to your transcript after the event

Introduction to Community Coaching – Prerequisites: None

This course is done online and can be found on The Locker

Community Coaching – Prerequisites: Introduction to Community Coaching

Date: November 30th to December 1st, 2019

Location: Nakkertok South

Facilitator: Geoff Tomlinson


Date: December 6th to 7th

Location: Georgian Nordic

Facilitator: Katja Mathys


Date: December 6th to 7th, 2019

Location: Porcupine Ski Runners

Facilitator: Mary Waddell


Date: December 13th to 14th, 2019

Location: Walden Cross Country

Facilitator: Mary Waddell


Date: December 14th to 15th, 2019

Location: Arrowhead Nordic

Facilitator: John Cowan


Date: December 21st to 22nd, 2019

Location Nakkertok South

Facilitator: Geoff Tomlinson


Competition Coach L2T Dryland – Prerequisites: Community Coaching

Date: October 5th to 6th, 2019

Location: Nakkertok South

Facilitator: Jennifer Tomlinson


Date: October 26th, 2019

Location: Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club

Facilitator: Mary Waddell


Date: November 1st to November 3rd, 2019

Location: Highlands Nordic

Facilitator: Gord Salt


Competition Coach L2T On Snow – Prerequisites: Community Coach & L2T Dryland

Date: January 11th to 12th, 2019

Location: Nakkertok South

Facilitator: Mike Vieira


Date: January 18th to 19th 2019

Location: Nakkertok South

Facilitator: Jennifer Tomlinson


Ski to School Scholarship

Nordiq Canada is now accepting applications for the ski to school scholarship! The scholarship has been funded by Canadian university alumni cross country skiers and other interested parties to encourage students to continue to combine excellence in both academics and cross country skiing as they proceed with their post-secondary, university or college education.

Deadline to apply is November 15th.

Questions: Ilona Gyapay,

Call for Coach Stories!

National Coaches week is September 21st to 29th, 2019.

We often hear parents and athletes telling coaches how much they appreciate what coaches do, now is the time to stand on the rooftops and let everyone know it! Who knows, we might even spread the joy by recruiting others when they hear about what they are missing.

Why is your coach the greatest!? (show your appreciation and make them blush)

We’ll pick out three submissions (stories and/or pictures) each day to post on the NC website and other social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and we encourage divisions and clubs to post in their media.

The earlier you submit, the more likely we really like your story or more likely that it gets picked out of the daily draw.

We’ll keep all submissions in the barrel from the time we receive them to the end of coaches’ week.

Please send submissions to Stephen Novosad:!.aspx?lang=en-CA#.XYJIumZMEl0