Weekly Workout Challenge

In the next 6 weeks, our very own Robin McKeever will be demonstrating 2 workout adaptations and providing some hot technical tips for skiers alike! Each week, we ask our athletes, coaches and clubs to post pictures doing the workout and tag @nordiqcanada #nordiqcanada for a chance to win some Nordiq Swag!⁣
How to Participate:⁣
1. Watch the videos each week⁣
2. Try the workout⁣
3. Take a pic⁣

More information here.

Questions: Stephanie Gartner, sgartner@nordiqcanada.ca

COVID Challenge!

Provincial Competitions

(Please follow the links for each challenge)

With the cancellation of our Ontario Cup series & Youth Championships, XCSO has developed province wide challenges and a COVID Cup series to engage our community. We see this as an opportunity to engage new members and skiers and hope that together, we can continue the great tradition of cross country skiing and racing in our province! Join us and celebrate WHAT WE CAN DO!

Clubs will need to follow all normal guidelines as per our insurance coverage including:

  1. Kilometre Challenge (XCSO Contact: Katie McMahon coach@xcskiontario.ca )
    Goal: Engage everyone in the club to record their km and ski as much as possible over the course of the season
    • Time period for Jan 1 – March 31
    • Club signs up via google sheets or similar and encourages members to ski asmany km over the course of the season.
    • Top 1, 2 & 3 clubs with the most KM per member wins a banner
    • Club with the greatest number of KM wins a banner
    • KM bursts announced throughout the season (dates to be announced)

2. COVID Cup Series (XCSO Contacts: Liz Inkila admin@xcskiontario.ca & Katja Mathys cd@xcskiontario.ca )
Goal: all clubs/teams engage in competition weekends throughout the winter in lieu of OCUPs. A place for clubs to focus on the PROCESS of racing and a race weekend.

  •  4 weekends of team/clubs ‘stay at home’ racing following XCSO Competition Guidelines
    1. January 16, 17
    2. January 30, 31 (potential Easterns COVID Cup with SFQ)
    3. February 13, 14
    4. March 6, 7 (Youth Champs)
  • XCSO sets category distances/formats (kept simple) i. 3-5-10, sprint, relay, sit ski
  • Results are managed locally and XCSO provides $$ for chocolate (or similar) for local results
  • Team Captains meetings held on the Friday night i. Special Guests ii. BYOB
  1. All courses/trails used must be recognized and approved trails and open when used
  2. Courses/Facilities are expected to have the normal safety and monitoring usually carriedout – inspection/track setting etc
  3. Encourage the “buddy” system – no one should embark alone.
  4. Check in-Check out systems should be considered.

● Clubs/teams work through the race prep process with their athletes including race prep, race plans, goal setting, warm up, cool down etc

3. Strava Challenge (XCSO Contact: Victor Wiltmann techdirector@xcskiontario.ca ) Goal: Engage the ski community in a challenge to work on speed in both sprint and distance

  • Each club develops a sprint (short), distance and sit-ski course.
  • Each club provides XCSO with the GPX file which XCSO uploads to Stravaaccount to create a strava segment.
  • Consistent Naming of Segments
  • Fastest time over the course of the season wins awards
  • Legends also wins awards (most times doing the course in the 90 day period -~Jan 1-March 30
  • XCSO “Adventure Segments” at interesting venues (Nakkertok North, LaurentianConservation Area, etc…).

Funding from XCSO!

On May 8, 2020, the Canadian Government announced $500 million providing temporary relief to support cultural, heritage and sport organizations.  Cross Country Ski Ontario recently received our allocation of the funding through the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Culture Industries.  XCSO will be investing the funds in 3 key areas of our sport: Youth, Competition and High Performance.

Youth have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19 pandemic. Our clubs offering skill development programming provide an essential role in developing youth in our community.  To assist clubs in the delivery of programming under new restrictions and challenges, XCSO will be subsidizing $10 of the $15.50 bunnyrabbit, jackrabbit, and track attack enrolment fee.  Clubs will see the subsidy when ordering their SDP materials in our online store.

Full announcement here

Ski Safe Portal

Introducing XCSkiSafe: the Nordic communities hub for all updates, policies and tools! As the situation respecting COVID-19 continues to change quickly, Nordiq Canada’s top priority is to reduce the unknowns and increase resources! Visit the XCSkiSafe portal (https://covid.nordiqcanada.ca/ ) to learn about Return to Play, which races are being impacted, how to safely run a JackRabbits program and more.

Under the Youth section there are some great posters! The best word for them is CUTE! This one below is an example of a kid friendly COVID poster, but there are some poster related to safe skiing in general. Worth checking out.

Framework for Developing COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols: New Sections Added

We have added two sections to the Framework (link to https://nordiqcanada.ca/nordiq-canada-covid-protocol/):

  • Skills Development Programs
  • Events/Racing

You may use this framework to develop a return to play protocol that meets your organization’s needs and satisfies the public health directives that apply where you operate. Because some Divisions have created a framework specific to their province or territory, clubs should check with their Division before drafting a return to play protocol.

Questions: Megan Begley, mbegley@nordiqcanada.ca

World Snow Day 2021

Are you thinking of running a World Snow Day Event this year? Here is all you need to know…

On the 1st October 2020, applications for World Snow Day Organiser Care Packages will open. Below is an information sheet on World Snow Day.

Of most importance however is that you must have a World Snow Day 2021 event registered to be eligible. To do this, please simply click the link below:



2021 World Snow Dy Organiser Care Package pre-information

Date: 1st October 2020

Time: 08:00am (CET)

Where can I find the application form?:

Step 1: Go to www.world-snow-day.com
Step 2: Click “login” in the top right hand corner of the home page (see image below):page1image62341888page1image62343616page1image56066880

Step 3: Enter your username and password
Step 4: Click “Organiser Care Package”
Step 5: Download the application form, complete it and send it to worldsnowday@fisski.com

How do I obtain a username and password?

To access the “login” section you must have registered for World Snow Day 2021. Previous usernames and passwords are not valid. To register an event simply click the link below:


How many Care Packages can I apply for?:

As many as you like. We will determine if your amount is relative to your event size.page1image62323328page1image62323136page2image55977520

Distribution method:

There is a limited quantity of Organiser Care Packages. So everyone has an equal chance to obtain a Package distribution is done on a “first come, first serve” basis. As soon as all Organiser Care Packages are allocated, the application form will be taken offline.

What is inside the Care Package?

To see the contents click the link below:


Nordiq Canada Club Support Grant

Alongside the AltaGasSki at School Grant program announced last week we are also adding the Nordiq Canada Club Support Grant program for the upcoming season. This new initiative hopes to inject up to 100 00$ in support of:

  • increasing active membership and club growth, 
  • retention within SDPs and conversion to athlete development pathways,
  • professionalization and sustainability of coaching, 
  • as well as club sustainability. 

Application to these programs can be submitted to Nordiq Canada by division or club, leaving open a broad range of options and creativity and potential impact. These options should cater to the varying realities that exist from one division to the next. Ultimately we hope to foster enthusiasm, growth and quality throughout the ski community.
Please note that closing dates for applications to both programs is November 1st 2020.

Do not only free to call for clarifications and questions, but we encourage you to call us in exploring options and possibilities. Above all we are seeking to have an impact.

Questions: Ilona Gyapay, igyapay@nordiqcanada.ca

Roller Ski Resources

Here is some interesting information put together from Cross Country BC. Great resources and ideas!

Roller skiing is an effective method of exercise for cross country skiers. As you know, you get good at what you practice, and roller skis are as close to regular skis as you can get.   Roller skis are not only an effective way to train during the off-season, but they are fun as well, and if you put in time on roller skis during spring, summer and autumn, you will have a big head start once the snow falls. In addition double poling on roller skis is a great way improve your upper body strength.

You will find the following articles and videos on the CCBC website.  This site will continue to be updated, so stay tuned!

Roller Ski Agility Contest (Caledonia Nordic): Video

Getting Started at Roller Skiing   

Introducing Young Athletes to Roller Skiing      

Risk management guidelines for roller skiing   

Field Kit & Repair Kit for Roller Ski Sessions 

Nordic Team Solutions Videos    

Roller Skiing – Equipment                  

Tier 2 Roller Ski Event Technical Package    

Delivering a roller ski practice session with T2T athletes              

Technical Package: Roller Ski Tier 2 Sanctioned Events   

Nordiq Canada Roller Ski Rental Agreement   

Ski-at-School Grants Now Available for Divisions!

Modifications have been made to the Alta-Gas Ski-at-School program. The will be delivered via divisions, and applications can be made directly by divisions to better support new as well as established Ski-at-School efforts within their division. 

Ski-at-School is a Nordiq Canada program, sponsored by AltaGas, which aims to bring cross-country skiing to schools and clubs across Canada in the hopes of converting them into long-term skiers. This program is intended to directly connect divisions to schools and clubs by assisting in furthering program development and expansion. For divisions to apply for a Ski-at-School grant, please fill out this application and send it to Ilona Gyapay by October 15, 2020.

Resources for instructional standardization of the Ski-at-School program by means of the NC Ski-at-School Guidebook, which will serve as a program resource with sample plans and expected learner outcomes can be found here.

Questions: Ilona Gyapay, igyapay@nordiqcanada.ca